Landscaping Service in Sacramento

Tree Care Services is glad to see you, the resident of Sacramento, looking for landscape services. Our experienced workforce will be able to help you create your own modern or contemporary outdoor space.

Professional Landscaping Service in Sacramento

Our Landscaping Service in Sacramento Include -

  1. Bespoke Landscaping Design
  2. Our trained landscape architects work with you closely to come up with an individual plan that reflects your taste and budgetary limits. Starting from your desire to have a low-maintenance yard or yard with wide open spaces for outdoor entertainment, we take care of every aspect tailored especially for what you want.

  3. Professional Set-up
  4. Once the design has been finalized, our expert team will meticulously and carefully make it real. We do everything during the installation process- from planting trees and shrubs to laying pavers and constructing retaining walls- with careful attention down to the minutest detail.

  5. Irrigation Systems
  6. To keep your landscape healthy and beautiful, efficient irrigation is necessary - thus, a dedicated water supply channel is needed which can help maintain the amount required by plants all year round using state-of-the-art systems while saving water through this process as well as reducing utility bills.

  7. Lawn Care
  8. Any beautiful landscape cannot be complete without a flourishing lawn. We provide grass cutting, trimming the edges, fertilizing and controlling weeds that allows your lawn to retain its beauty from one season to another. Additionally, we will perform aeration and overseeding in the process of encouraging healthy growth as well as raising soil quality.

  9. Tree and Shrub Care
  10. Trees and shrubs increase the aesthetic value of your premises but they need regular maintenance to remain healthy and lively. Our certified arborists offer all-inclusive tree and shrub care services which entail pruning, trimming, diagnosing diseases as well as their treatment; this is followed by removal if needed.

  11. Outdoor Lighting

    Enhance the use of your outdoor space in the evenings with an expertly designed and installed outdoor lighting system. This custom lighting scheme ranging from low key path lighting to dramatic accent lighting will add to both functionality and appearance while enhancing safety throughout your landscape.


How to book an appointment for a landscaping service in Sacramento?

To book an appointment, you can contact our support team. Also, you can visit our official site and click on book an appointment.

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