Tree Care Services has been the Sacramento’s best tree service provider for over three decades. Our licensed arborists specialize in a wide range of tree service. Our tree experts in Sacramento use modern techniques and equipment to check trees of all sizes. Whether you are in need of taking care of a dangerous tree or giving beauty to the grounds of your home, an experienced tree company in Sacramento can offer this unique solution.

How Can We Enhance Your Property?


Regularly trimming your trees is vital for their long-term health and vitality. Arborists stimulate new growth, improve air flow, and decreases any disease risk or pests by removing dead, damaged or overgrown branches.


Our pruning expert’s uses special tools and techniques to selectively remove excess branches, limbs, and foliage so as to maintain the desired shape, balance as well as overall healthy look of the tree.


We provide complete landscape services that enhance the value of your property including landscape design, root barrier installation, landscape lighting. Our landscape architects can enhance the look of your garden, backyard or front yard. Contact us for a free quote.


Tree removal is a complex and, at times, a dangerous undertaking and therefore calls for specific regulations and permits required for tree removal within Sacramento City. Tree Care Services is the trustworthy tree service providers that remove trees while obtaining all relevant approvals and permits necessary both for property owners as well as community rights protection.


At Tree Care Services, we have a team of fully-certified tree experts who can assess, diagnose, and treat any tree issue. We are Sacramento’s most affordable tree service provider who has been cutting trees for commercial and residential customers throughout Sacramento.


1.  24/7 Emergency Tree Service     2.  Budget-Friendly Tree Removal     3. Tree Care with ISA Certification     4. Trusted Licensed & Insured Tree Experts      5. Tree Service with No Hidden Fees

Tree Care Services is very strict on TCIA and ISA regulations. If you live in Sacramento and are concerned about your trees, we are glad to give you a free tree service quote! We are proud to service the Sacramento, CA, area with all of our reliable commercial tree services! Don't wait for a storm to cause damage. Call us for 24/7 emergency tree service and our ISA-certified Arborist will arrive at your property.

The Most Trusted and Affordable Tree Service in Sacramento, CA

Is your tree looking a little rough? Perhaps, some of its branches are getting too close to your house? We're a team of experienced tree professionals that deeply cares about maintaining health and beauty of Sacramento\’s trees. We have affordable prices with free estimates meaning you can afford to take care of your trees.

We love trees! We know trees are important for our city, and we want to help them thrive. Our team consists entirely of certified arborists. That means they possess both training and experience required for safely and correctly handling any type of tree care concern. When it comes to the safety of trees as well as our staff members, we never compromise.

We have experts who can save Sacramento\’s trees from emergency tree removal to daily trimming and landscaping. In Sacramento, our arborists offer complete maintenance programs that include fertilization, pest management and preventive monitoring services that will keep your trees health for years.

Tree Care Services

We are the leading tree care company in Sacramento operated since 1990. We provide high-quality tree services including tree removal and demolition services in residential and commercial areas.

Our TREE EMERGENCY care service is available 24/7. Our Certified Arborists will help you through the process of meeting your requirements.

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 Tim C

Tim C

My favorite oak tree got a bad fungus. These guys totally knew what to do and explained everything to me clearly. Now my tree is healthy again.

Steve K

Steve K

Storm messed up my fav tree. Tree Care Services came to the rescue, fixed the broken branches, and even trimmed it to keep it healthy. Thanks a bunch!

Michael W.

Michael W.

Sacramento Experts did a superb job trimming my trees! They were fast and really did amazing job. My garden looks really wow!

 C L.

C L.

Five stars for these tree care experts! These guys were quiet punctual. My trees have come out well and my compound is very clean.

Sarah F.

Sarah F.

A storm had just passed by and I required emergency tree removal services. Your team reacted swiftly and did a good job in the clearing exercise. So happy!

Ron P.

Ron P.

Reliable tree service is not easy to find but finally got one! These Tree Experts are doing an amazing work as they are competent, sociable people. From now onward that will be my preferred company.

Ron P.

Ron P.

I had a great experience with Tree Care Services! They listened carefully all my issues and explained all things clearly to me. The trimming was satisfactory, so I’m happy with this service too.

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Tree Care Services

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Licensed, Bonded and Insured

We have been taking care of your gardens and neighborhood environment. We have the best and experienced team of arborists in Sacramento to help you with all your tree care needs. We can help you with all your tree care needs like large tree removals, trimming trees, any advanced tree healthcare and many others. Our professional grounds members and other crew members, all are both certified and trained professionally for tree care and related things. We at Tree care services have been in business for over 30 years. We are proud to say we have played an important part in keeping backyards, streets, gardens and parks safe and good in Sacramento, Rosemont and other regions of California. We are known for our professional tree care services.

Tree Care Services with ISA Certified Arborist in Sacramento

ISA certified Arborist is specially trained for tree care and understanding about the tree needs. The International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) has lots of standards to check a person's knowledge and qualification for tree care then they issue a certificate with certificate number to track record. We have a team of ISA certified experts who have years of experience in maintaining trees, their health and protecting them. We put safety of our team and the tree they take care of on priority. With our team of certified and qualified Arborist we provide you all necessary tree care services like :

  • Tree Emergency in Sacramento
  • Tree Removal in Sacramento
  • Tree Trimming and Pruning in Sacramento
  • Demolition Service in Sacramento
  • Landscaping Services in Sacramento

You can call and book your services 24/7 to the best tree company in Sacramento, California.

Understand What Service When You Will Need?

Tree Emergency in Sacramento

If and when you need any tree emergency services in Sacramento call at: 9162829855.

This service is mostly needed either after a storm or any accident. Our experts will directly reach the location of the service and take quick action. They will have the best equipment to help them to remove the tree and solve your problem. They will also check the surrounding plants if they can be of any danger in the future. Our services are very affordable and will be well within your budget so never think of money as a problem. We have also worked for local government authorities to clear road blockages after the storm or to remove a fallen tree in a park. So we are clearly the trusted choice of local people of Sacramento for any tree care services.

Tree Removal in Sacramento

You might need this service in various cases like a tree is dead, for property safety purposes, a major part of the trunk is broken or anything else. In all cases we can help you as our experts know the whole process very well. Yes, it is a long process. Before removing them there are many permissions and licenses that need to be taken. Also, if it is under protected trees then a proper report is prepared telling the reason for removal of the tree. Our experts have handled many such cases so they can be very helpful in all cases. They know the best technique to remove the tree without affecting the surrounding trees. They are well aware of any complications that might occur in the process. Always call any professional and certified Arborist to avoid any accident.

Tree Trimming and Pruning in Sacramento

It is not a mandatory, but it can help trees a lot. A properly pruned tree at young age will have a long life at very low cost. It is very similar to shaping a child’s personality for his future. So pruning can be a game changing step in the growth of a tree. If a tree is correctly pruned the productivity of the tree can grow exponentially. Our experts know these things very well and for increasing the life and productivity of the tree. You can consult any certified Arborist for their service. Pruning needs of a tree can depend on its species and age. Trimming is a similar process but in this only mature trees are trimmed to remove all the extra weight. This way the air flow and sunlight can reach more parts of the trees and help them grow. Some trees need trimming every 3-5 years. For trees that grow fruits, it is recommended to trim them every year to maximize the yield.

Demolition Service in Sacramento

It is a very big step and for this you need a lot of licensing and permissions to do it legally. Demolition usually happens when a new infrastructure project is about to begin or a tree has some disease by which surroundings are affected. Only certified professionals like Arborists can demolish a tree in the most efficient manner. They need to have a lot of experience to do so. They should be ISA certified in order to execute the project properly. For any such thing where a demolition of a tree is concerned consult with a certified Arborist and then take further actions.

Landscaping Services in Sacramento

All people need a mesmerizing view and landscaping can solve this problem. If you have a lawn or any sort of big garden you would definitely need an expert to help you. Our landscaping services in Sacramento are very popular, most hotels and restaurants use our services to add aesthetic appeal to their property. We are a trusted and proven choice of most people in Sacramento.

Apart from all these specific services, we also provide proper consultation and regular checkups to the trees that might have a weak branch or any other problem. This way we can solve the problem before any accident happens. You can contact Tree Care Services anytime 24/7. Our team of experts are always ready to help you.

Frequently Asked Questions for Tree Care Services

After being for a long time in this industry and understanding what people in the world want to know? They mostly have questions related to tree care services and all the related things like geographical effect on the service, climatic effect, legal complications and many other similar things. Here is the list of 10 most asked questions covering all you need to know about tree care services.

Why Are Tree Services Needed In The First Place In Sacramento, CA?

In a place like Sacramento where the weather in summers is hot and dry and winters are wet. The place has a Mediterranean climate and also has sand based soil. So this whole combination of Sacramento weather gives difficult conditions for trees. Where in other places tree care is needed in years but in Sacramento proper care is needed to keep trees healthy and in proper condition. For this whole service, a proper tree care industry is there with certified professionals expert in their job.

Can I Give Proper Care To The Trees To Myself Or I Would Need A Specialist In Sacramento, CA?

For day – to – day care of trees you don’t need a professional necessarily. You can give manure, water and other regular things to trees and plants all by yourself. But for any major thing a professional person is necessary. Like if a tree gets a disease or needs trimming, pruning, removal you should always call an experienced arborist. Arborist in Sacramento is professionally trained tree care experts who have all the knowledge and experience of what is best for the plant or tree. They know what things should be added to the soil depending on the weather conditions of Sacramento and health of the tree.

What Does An ISA Certified Arborist Mean?

ISA stands for International Society of Arboriculture. ISA certified arborists are the experts with special training for tree care. They have proper understanding about tree needs or whatever is best for trees and humans. ISA does a lot of checks for a person's knowledge and qualification for tree care. After passing all checks and tests ISA issues a certificate with a certificate number to track the record. In our company all arborists have a minimum experience of 3 years.

What Tree Services Would I Need To Take Proper Care Of My Property In Sacramento, CA?

You would need different services depending upon the trees and their current condition. Some trees might need a complete health checkup if they have any disease or they are dying. Some might just need trimming and pruning for better growth with proper ventilation and air pockets. So there are plenty of services for specific needs of the trees and plants and an experienced arborist would know the needs perfectly.

So pick you phone and talk to our representative for free on: - 9162829855

How Often Would I Need Tree Services To Take Proper Care Of Trees In Sacramento, CA?

Need of tree services specifically depends on the size/age of the tree. You would need to do tree care services frequently if it’s just a small plant or tree so that it gets proper shape and growth. It should be pruned so that the air and sunlight reaches all parts of the plant. In the case of fruit trees in Sacramento, yearly trimming and pruning is suggested to give them proper ventilation and reduce the excess weight they are carrying. It is necessary to do so to avoid falling trees and causing any accidents. For some grown up trees tree services are done once in 3-5 years.

Is Removing A Tree An Illegal Process In Sacramento, CA?

Tree removal is not exactly an illegal process but there are certain rules and guidelines that need to be followed while removing them. You need to get proper licenses and permissions from the local authority of Sacramento. You cannot even cut or remove trees on your personal property even if the tree is dead or unhealthy. For an ordinance size tree you will always need the permission. So to do it properly without much inconvenience or none at all you can use the help of an arborist. Our professionals have lots of experience with all such situations and are well versed with the process. So call now to take free guidance from our arborist in Sacramento.

How Should I Decide From Which Tree Service Company Should I Take Tree Care Services In Sacramento, CA?

Selecting a good tree care company in Sacramento can be challenging, you need to check all these points like:-

  1. Companies should be reputed in the industry with years of experience in these services.
  2. They should have proper well trained and equipped professionals on service.
  3. Their service should be very quick with minimal response time.
  4. Company’s customer services should be very good and they should be top priority.
  5. Company should be licensed and must have certified and experienced arborist in Sacramento

Luckily you are already on the website that checks all these points. So Book your Tree care service now for free!

What Should I Do In An Emergency Situation Where I Find A Tree Fallen On My Property In Sacramento, CA?

In such a situation the first thing you should do is to stand in an open place where nothing can fall over you. Then call for our emergency service instantly. It’s this simple and your problem will be taken care of. You won’t have to worry about anything then. Our experienced arborists and other crew members will quickly reach the location with all the necessary equipment and machines and safely remove the tree to avoid any further accident. They will also check the nearby trees if any of them have a risk of falling in future. Generally after a tornado you would need this kind of service.

Always remember to stay away from heavy things or big trees during an earthquake.

How Much Does It Cost For Tree Services In Sacramento, CA?

Prices of tree services vary a lot on all factors like type of trees, age of trees, number of trees, month of service, height of trees, type of service you need for them etc. Generally for removing a tree is about 800$. For tree trimming service the cost varies a lot from 100$ to 2000$ or more. You should always fix the rate with tree service companies before starting the work for a hassle free job. To get a free quote call us now.

How Will Using Tree Care Services Benefit Me?

Tree services and maintaining trees and plants around you help you a lot. This way the prices of your property can go up by 20%. You will get a lot of positive energy from the environment around you. You will have beautiful outdoor space to enjoy time with your family. You can also give small parties at your place for friends and family and show off your beautiful property.

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